Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Hopefully it’s not a train coming the other way....

I am planning on holding my ever-popular Christmas Ornament Class on

November 6. If there is interest I will

hold regular glass fusing class -

or Open Studio - on November 13.

It’s Honor System. If you are

vaccinated, no need to wear a mask,

but I won’t make you prove it.

What is it about glass that fascinates us so much?

I think it is the addition of light which alters the colors every time you look at them. On the following pages is a collection of fused glass vessels. Previously I have featured jewelry on this site and plan to again in the future.

Please look - and if you wish to buy - my contact information is below.

Thank you,


Nancy Rees Duff

82900 Butler Grade

Helix, OR 97835


Telephone: 541.969.9393 (Nancy cell)

    or: 541.310.9027 (Frank cell)

    Land line: 541-457-2474

Note: My website building program has been discontinued and I’m working on a new one. It’s a challenge. Please feel free to email or call if you have questions. (!!) The adventure continues...Thank you for your patience.  NRD Last update: 8/8/2021

A link to my husband’s beautiful stained glass website.

Thanks for reading this. All ornaments pictured on this page are student work.

If you are interested please call (541-457-2474 or 541-969-9393 or email me (link below).

Why am I such a hard-ass on this? I have an autoimmune disease and take medication to suppress my immune system. This makes

me vulnerable to catching things. Not

just covid, but colds,

flu, etc. Thanks.