What is it about glass that fascinates us so much?

I think it is the addition of light which alters the colors every time you look at them. On the following pages is a collection of fused glass vessels. Previously I have featured jewelry on this site and plan to again in the future.

Please look - and if you wish to buy - my contact information is below.

Thank you,


Nancy Rees Duff

82900 Butler Grade

Helix, OR 97835


Telephone: 541.969.9393 (Nancy cell)

    or: 541.310.9027 (Frank cell)

    Land line: 541-457-2474

Note: My website building program has been discontinued and I’ve got to learn a new one so sometime this year there will be changes... and disruption. Please feel free to email or call if you have questions. (!!) The adventure continues...Thank you for your patience.  NRD Last update: 4/19/2021

A link to my husband’s beautiful stained glass website.

Please Get Vaccinated

Although I’m not scheduling regular classes yet, I am welcoming small self selected groups. [Sounds confusing? Well for example I have had two close friends; a mother daughter and son-in-law come in; and a single person come in at separate times.] This needs to be a group that is comfortable with each other whatever the relationship. You can work work independently or I can go through the whole class for beginners... or any combination. $10/ hour per person. All tools and materials and firing supplied.

Hug your loved ones when you can and remember to tell them how much they mean to you.

If you are interested please call (541-457-2474 or 541-969-9393 or email me (link below). You will need still to wear masks for the time being. I’m still working on the parameters for this. Hope this can work for a while.